Male trimmers

Unfortunately being a man I got to the age where hairs started to grow out of my nose and it was rather unappealing. As I look at myself as a clean and healthy man I take pride in how I look on a day to day without being a complete arse about It. I first tried to use them mini scissors but this was a massive fail with watering eyes and still no luck with the nose hair, then I tried plucking and also a terrible experience. So I ended up ordering a pair of cheap nose/ear trimmers online to try them out because I have heard mixed reviews on a painful/non-painful experience’s but this was my last choice really. It turns out I love the set I have they have like a dome shaped top that makes it painless and easy to use.

Now I have found this one (and enlightened my life) I will see how long it last before it breaks due to it being a cheap nose trimmer, then I will order some of the internets finest they have to offer and try them out. I have been doing some research on nose trimmers to see what is best and Phillips is at the top of the pile, with its “Phillips NT5175/49 Norelco Noes trimmer” it is said to be the most comfortable and long lasting ear/nose trimmer on the market, It also comes with a little extra so you can shave your beard and it is mains powered not battery powered which is an added bonus. We all get to that point in life where you need a little trim, just to freshen up, don’t let it start rooting out of your nose and ears… A little fun fact “The nose hair trimmer was invented in 1859 by Dr. Jefferson Entwistle of Kennebunkport, a botanist by trade and barber by night”.      

Nose trimmers